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e are a Polish company engaged in the production and sale of Polish artifacts made from wood, ceramics and other different materials.
e stand for quality and authenticity. Each product is created with the highest quality components and is quality crafted for years of dependable use and functionality.
e guarantee the originality of each product you buy from us.
e operate from Poland and all our handicrafts are of Polish origin.
Our company runs an export exchange to several European countries.
e continuously expand the range of product offerings.
e offer an extensive assortment of Polish artifacts, currently approximately 2.000 different products, including bestselling wooden chess sets and wooden boxes.
Effort and imagination put to work by our craftsmen, place our products in an avenue unoccupied by today's mass production.
Our attractive products combine a variety of high quality gifts with competitive prices for you, a friend, a family-member or for your company.
The quality and range of design bring satisfaction to our customers.
It is our pleasure to invite you to become our new customer.
If you have any questions please feel free to contact us, as we would be more than happy to give you a helpful hand.
e can communicate in Polish, English, German and Dutch.

Bringing the best of Poland into your homes
>>>Krak-Art<<<>>>Polish Handicrafts<<<

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